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An Irrational Eagle Fan’s Postgame Rant

by EUGENE Holt
angry fans

Ok so……..

I’m gonna curse a lot so pardon my language…..

Jim Schwartz had a s*** gameplan
Ronald Darby tackled like a b*****
Corey Graham is a dips**t
Doug should’ve run the f******g ball
WTH Nelson?
Jalen F******g Mills…….

So straight from the rip, Jalen got torched on an out-and-up-route by Corey Davis…..I mean you gotta expect at least 3 chunk plays against Jalen every game. That’s in every offensive coordinator game plan…..it’s a target on his back and it ain’t going away.
Protection issues……Lane got smoked by rookie Harold Landry on the sack fumble
The Titans did this thing where all of their front 7 were standing up pre-snap, this gave the Eagles trouble identifying who was coming and who was dropping into coverage. Kelce let a guy get past him because he thought the guy was dropping. Wendell Smallwood in pass protection was a s**tshow…..he has no ability to pick up a blitzer…..like he literally can’t see them coming…..he got Wentz killed
The Titans stunting up front only added to the confusion. So the protection stuff was mostly schematic…..
WTH Nelson?
Ertz was unstoppable, but a drop on 3rd down in the 4th quarter hurts….
Alshon came back strong
Ajayi is a concern…..broken back and a physical runner…..that’s not gonna heal
WTH Nelson?
Did Goedert play?
Can’t have Wentz throwing the ball 50 times. That first drive in OT is what the whole game should’ve looked like….the one strength of this line is run blocking….f*****g use it!

This defensive line ain’t what it used to be. They missing Jernigan and maybe even Curry
No pass rush means you got a dips**t like Corey Graham doing dips**t s**t….seriously you had 1 fucking job…..4th and forever, one route on your side…….that was the f*****g game! We had it won right there…..but Corey Graham is a dips**t
And not only that……we stopped them on 4th down again…..but dips**t Graham had a PI…..
WTH Nelson?
Malcolm almost willed the team to a win that last drive. He was everywhere
Sidney got torched by Tajee Sharpe for a TD
Ronald Darby…….I get it RB Derrick Henry is 6’3 247, but dude, at least try to slow him down….Darby saw Henry running towards him and threw himself on the ground and prayed Henry would trip over him….even worse in the 1st quarter 3rd down WR Taywan Taylor catches a pass short of the first, but he dragged Darby the extra 3 yards…..
Tackling was bad all the way around
Jim Schwartz had a shit gameplan
WTH Nelson?

I’m only mad at the team for the next 2 days…then Corey won’t be a dips**t anymore. Come Wednesday. It’s on to Minnesota.

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