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AFC East: When does the dumpster fire end?

by Jermaine Lockett
AFC EAST Dumpster fire

AFC East: when does the dumpster fire end?

At what point do we just throw the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, and Miami Dolphins in the trash and just hand the permanent title of Division Champion to the Patriots? Honestly, are any of these three working hard enough through the off-season and the draft to supplant the current SB Champion New England Patriots?


We know the Jets made some big moves via free-agency such as moving a quarter of the AFC North to their team. However, they hired a coach from the same division who did slightly better record-wise than the J-E-T-S. The additions of CJ Mosley and LeVeon Bell are exciting and will get the fans in the stands. However, is it enough to take down the evil underlord of the NFL? Nay, I say it isn’t!

Bills Bills Bills

Moving on to the Bills. The most exciting signing for them did not come in free agency. Shut up Dallas Cowboys fans. Cole Beasley is not a big signing! Their splash signing came via the 2019 NFL Draft in Ed Oliver. Sure the signing of John Brown gives Josh Allen a “burner” and Mitch Morse brings a layer of protection, but you’re about to lose LeSean McCoy. Devin Singletary could bridge the gap with his one-cut running style. He tries to take every carry to the house. However, I am not convinced Allen in his second season considering his outside weapons is ready to take the leap to #1 in the AFC EAST.


It’s true! While they made a smart move in pulling Josh Rosen in from Arizona for cheap, nothing in their free agency transactions or draft picks says “We’re ready to own the East!” I feel bad for stars like DeVante Parker and Xavien Howard who get to enjoy the white sandy beaches, nightlife and beauty of South Beach after another loss…nevermind! Former Pats’ Defensive Assistant Brian Flores has his work cut out for him.

We as fans of other teams deserve to know that Chris Grier, Brandon Beane and Mike Maccagnan are actually making themselves competitive. They need to put up a decent fight against the tyrant that keeps showing up year after year in the 1 or 2 spots in the playoffs and eventually the SB. AFC East, help make the conference great again! Prove me wrong! Take out those Pats!


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