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Ravens’ Fan: My Lamar Jackson/Draft day Experience

by Jermaine Lockett
Roger S

Roger S

Ravens’ Fan: My Lamar Jackson/Draft day Experience

Attending the NFL Draft is a fan experience like none other. I could not explain through photos the fun that is surrounding the event. There were things like getting an autograph from Roger Staubach, almost getting ran over by Nick Saban in a golf cart and booing the commissioner at the beginning of the draft as well as every time he comes to the podium. These, as well as other experiences really make the moment memorable, but the most important memory is that of your team getting the pick right, or at least getting what you feel is right in your eyes.


I’ll be honest, I was slightly disappointed as a Baltimore Ravens’ fan when they decided to go after Hayden Hurst. My dreams were shattered and I was tossing soda and telling my co-workers “YO! I’m done! It’s time to go!” We left the draft and headed back to Wichita Falls.

Oh but wait…

In the car, I thought about checking the highlights and stats of my team’s failure, I mean 25th overall pick and was definitely surprised at what I found. Hurst is a beast of a TE with an “A” overall grade. Even more to my surprise, I was in the middle of “Youtubing” when I received a notification to my phone that the Ravens are on the clock. Little did I know, my squad traded back into the first round. Finally elation! Something good was about to happen. I knew the two receivers that I man-crushed and gushed over were already off the board. However, I knew who was left. The most underrated first-round prospect in the draft.

A New Era?

Our Baltimore Ravens were about to receive a change in culture and era as the 31st pick was about to be announced. “And with the 32nd pick… the Baltimore Ravens select Lamar Jackson!…” If I was not in the car, I would have jumped out of this hemisphere! I knew based on the trades that this meant a move for the future. Is it really a move for the future? What does this mean for John Harbaugh?

The pressure is on!

John will tell you that Joe Flacco is still “our” Quarterback. I beg to differ. I am fully convinced the fate of Flacco and Harbaugh are both now intertwined. I am certain that Joe is still “his” Quarterback but not that of that organization. Steve Bisciotti and Ozzie Newsome made a bold move that sent a jolt through this organization and put them all on notice. No one is untouchable in the building including Harbs and Joe.

Lockett says…Facts!

My prediction is this. If Flacco plays lights-out this season, goes beyond 4000-yds and 25-TDs with less than 12-interceptions on the season, and causes a playoff run, his job is safe. However, should the Ravens lose three straight or even four early in the season, will the Lamar Jackson era will begin? If I had to predict a start game, I would say week 7 of the regular season this year.

There is a change coming in Charm City and I think I LIKE IT! Here’s to the Jackson and the new life in Purple.


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