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Top Quarterback Comparisons

by Jackie Barnes
Top Quarterback Comparisons

Top Quarterback Comparisons

1. Sam Darnold
Physical comparison: Phillip Rivers
Playing style: Tony Romo
Ceiling: John Elway
Floor: Tony Romo

Overview: Darnold and Rivers are very similar in size, both standing around 6’4- 6’5 230 lbs. Size isn’t the only thing these 2 have in common. Both guys entered the league with an awkward throwing motion, but I do not believe it will be an issue. Darnold’s playing style is comparable to Tony Romo because they will take chances with the football making good and bad plays. They also share the ability to make some plays with their legs. Sam Darnold could have a similar career as the hall of fame quarterback John Elway. He has the tools and demeanor to be great with the potential to lead a team to a super bowl. Darnold’s floor could be that of his playing style comparison, Tony Romo, meaning he very well can be the reason you win games but he’s gonna also be the main reason you lose games with his bad decisions and erratic throws. Either way, you get the type of quarterback that can be the face of your franchise for 10+ years. If I’m drafting a QB, I’d take him at his worst still brings franchise-type quarterback play.

2. Baker Mayfield
Physical Comparison: Drew Brees
Playing Style: Drew Brees
Ceiling: Drew Brees
Floor: Johnny Manziel
Overview: Size isn’t the only thing Mayfield & Brees share, they’re the type of quarterbacks that are the center of their team. They elevate the entire team, not only the offense. Baker Mayfield has it factor, he’s the only quarterback that can walk into the locker room and instantly become the leader. Mayfield at his best could be Brees as a running threat. Mayfield plays the quarterback position with elite confidence. He believes that he can lead his team to victory versus any opponent. Along with that confidence, he brings an attitude and slight cockiness. He has several undesirable moments on and off the field which is the only way I think we ever see him as his floor player. If I’m betting on any of these quarterbacks to be a legit NFL starter for 10 years I’m taking Mayfield.

3. Josh Rosen
Physical Comparison: Alex Smith
Playing Style: Jay Cutler
Ceiling: Dan Marino
Floor: Jay Cutler
Overview: When you see Rosen throw a football you will see the tools need to be a quarterback. It’s the intangibles that come into question with Josh. There are questions about his ability to be coached, is football #1 in his life, and is he a prima donna? All of these questions we’ve heard about Jay Cutler my comp for Josh Rosen. Another similarity is their arm talent can be blinding and you will ignore their inability to lead or upgrade a team. At his best, he can be a great QB on average teams but never good enough carry a team over the hump, just like his ceiling comparison Dan Marino. Josh Rosen fundamentally is head & shoulders better than his competitors, but he scares me. I believe Rosen is an early first round top 5 pick.

4. Lamar Jackson
Physical Comparison: Randall Cunningham
Playing Style: Vince Young
Ceiling: Mike Vick
Floor: Robert Griffin
Overview: Jackson has the potential to change the quarterback position with his dynamic running ability.  The question is, can he improve his passing game enough to keep offenses honest? Hopefully, he goes to a team that’s willing to mold the offense to fit what he can do best as a quarterback. The speed the Jackson brings to the game along with a cannon for an arm is Mike Vick-like. They easily can be the fastest players on the field. Like Vince Young, he has some arm talent the question is how consistent can he be when forced to throw the football. He can win, but he needs to be in the right situation and allowed to develop. With a slight build, I wonder if he’s able to take the pounding of the NFL and not spend his career on the injury list. The potential is there for him to develop into a starter in the NFL. If I’m picking late in the first round and I need a quarterback I’m taking Lamar Jackson.

5. Josh Allen
Physical Comparison: Ben Roethlisberger
Playing Style: Blake Bortles
Ceiling: Andrew Luck
Floor: Blaine Gabbert
Overview: Josh Allen has every physical tool you can ask for in a quarterback, he can make all the throws deep and intermediate. He has the frame to take the punishment that comes with playing QB. Allen also has the ability the take-off and gain chunks of yardage on the ground. Allen has all the talent in the world but hasn’t been able t0 translate it into on-field production. He has the “look” of a prototypical NFL quarterback but when he’s on the field his play has been sporadic at times this year. If Allen is able to play up to his potential he could become a special player like Andrew Luck. I think we have a stronger chance to get Blaine Gabbert. He hasn’t shown the ability to dominate or even play well on a weekly basis. I have little faith that he’ll be any different in the NFL. I’m not a fan of Josh Allen in the first round either. He is a product & needs to sit for a year, while he learns the pro system. He could go late first round maybe but I’d prefer in the late second.

6. Mason Rudolph
Physical comparison: Joe Flacco
Playing Style: Drew Bledsoe
Ceiling: Matthew Stafford
Floor: Brock Osweiler
Overview: Rudolph has the body of an NFL quarterback at 6’5 230, he can make NFL throws. With good coaching, Rudolph can maybe develop into a starting quarterback but he has some glaring holes in his game. With his size, you would think he’d have a cannon for an arm but it doesn’t always show on tape. When he’s on there’s not a throw he can’t make but how often will he be on fire in the pros. Rudolph if drafted into the right situation with time and talent around he could put up numbers like Stafford but he’s just as likely to be in the wrong situation and bomb like Osweiler. Rudolph has some talent that you can work with and mold into an NFL quarterback, if you can get him in the 2nd or 3rd round he’s worth the pick.

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