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5-Teams Brady Could Sign With

by keilan dyer
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5-Teams Brady Could Sign With

The best free-agent quarterback since Peyton Manning in 2012 is on the market! Tom Brady, some call him the GOAT (Greatest of all time), will be commanding big bucks this summer. Other than the obvious, resigning with the New England Patriots, I’m going to give you five teams that the soon to be 43-year-old could play for.

Tennessee Titans

I know you’re probably thinking “What?! Ryan Tannehill just won comeback player of the year, the Titans aren’t gonna move on from him!!” Ryan Tannehill did have a fantastic year (2742 yards, 22 touchdowns, 6-interceptions, 70% passing), he also led the Titans to an AFC Conference Championship Game berth. With all of these things in mind, it is possible that Tannehill moves on to more financial security. He could command similar money to guys like Derek Carr for the Las Vegas Raiders and Jared Goff for the Los Angeles Rams, and perhaps the Titans lean towards someone like Tom Brady who will only command a one or two year contract and will give the Titans leeway to look in the draft for someone in the next few years. Titans head coach Mike Vrabel was an edge rusher for the New England Patriots from 2001 to 2008. He was a teammate of Tom Brady’s for 8-years and won three Super Bowls with him. Brady would be a nice fit in offensive coordinator Arthur Smith’s scheme, who helped the Titans take a humongous step up on offense after previous OC, Matt LaFleur took the Green Bay Packers head coaching job. Need I mention the state of Tennessee has no income tax?

Dallas Cowboys

New head coach, new quarterback? After a year hiatus of coaching, the former Packers head man, Mike McCarthy has taken the job with America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys! Dak Prescott is a candidate for the franchise tag this offseason, but if the new staff elects to go elsewhere, the GOAT could potentially be an option. Kellen Moore, albeit he is 11 years younger than Tom Brady, found a lot of success in his first season as Cowboys offensive coordinator. If the Cowboys can somehow land the future hall of fame signal-caller, it will give them at least two or three of constant Super Bowl contention. We know Jerry Jones is a wealthy man and can give Mr. Brady a load of incentives should he sign with the ‘Boys.

Las Vegas Raiders

“But the Raiders have Derek Carr under contract for three more years!” Yes, I am aware. However, there is only $2.5 million of dead-cap in 2021 and $0 of dead-cap in 2021 if the Raiders chose to cut Carr. Even if they have to keep him for at least one more season, he would be a great backup, and with $91 million of spending money, the Raiders can afford to keep both him and Tom Brady under contract. Working with the head coach, Jon Gruden, and offensive coordinator, Greg Olson could prove to be a fun marriage, as they run a system that we know Tom Brady will be successful in. With the Raiders still having Carr as their backup for the next three years, the Raiders won’t be worried about finding a future replacement for Brady, and they can look to improve positions of weakness in the draft and the rest of free agency. Also…just like Tennessee, the state of Nevada has no income tax!

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers officially announced that long time quarterback, Philip Rivers will be headed to free agency, so that leaves a gaping hole at the most important position in football. There is a lot of Justin Herbert to LA rumors circulating around draft twitter (I also like the Jameis Winston option as a bit of a dark horse in free agency), but if the Chargers go with Brady, it could be an interesting fit. I don’t think Brady fits the Chargers as well as he would fit with the prior three teams but, living in Los Angeles seems like the dream. With the Chargers running more of a downfield passing scheme under OC Shane Steichen, they could elect to go elsewhere. Still, Brady could enjoy the last few years of his career under the Cali sun, about six hours from where he grew up in San Mateo (in the Bay Area), and he can secure that bag. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs are in a similar situation to the Dallas Cowboys, who I talked about earlier. Tampa is in their second year with their new coaching staff (Bruce Arians as head coach, Byron Leftwich as offensive coordinator), and they could elect to move on from Jameis Winston (who threw 30 interceptions…crazy right??). What if they get their guy for a few years? Maybe they draft a guy in a couple of years, but living in Florida is always a perk for a guy near retirement (or really anyone). The Buccaneers ran more of a downfield passing scheme with Winston as their signal-caller, but I feel Arians and company will be more willing to change up their scheme to maximize the talent they get from Tom Brady (something I feel the Chargers won’t do). Although I think it’s more likely that the Bucs sign Philip Rivers to be a bridge QB for a new rookie this year, Brady could definitely be in the running.

So there you have it! These are five suitors for Tom Brady this offseason. I think more than likely him and the New England Patriots will be the team Brady retires for, but if both parties look to part ways, I feel these five teams will have the best odds to bring in the superstar.

Keilan Dyer is a Writer for Couch Rider Report. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

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