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5 Landing Spots for Cam Newton

5 Landing Spots for Cam Newton

With the recent news about Cam Newton, I have to take a stab at where he may go. Sure there are at least three day-one-starter QBs coming out of this year’s draft, but Cam Newton still has plenty in the tank left at the age of 30 (31 before season starts). Here are five teams who could be interested in picking up the former league MVP’s services in 2020.

No 5. Las Vegas Raiders

What better way to light up the strip in Vegas in it’s first year than to have the flashy Superman signal-caller step on the scene? Cam to Tyrell Williams and Darren Waller sounds like a great combination. Add a bit of read-option with one of the up and coming running backs in the game in Josh Jacobs is enticing as well. Cam likes to run the ball in the RedZone. If the OLB/DE has to worry about more than what’s inside the “phonebooth” with Jacobs, it could be a real problem for anyone in the AFC West.

No. 4 Chicago Bears

Mitch Trubisky is just not that great at football. When fans come to see Da Bears, they come for the loyalty and to see players like Khalil Mack. This team is in desperate need of a QB makeover, and while the draft is probably the route they may turn to, it’s too tempting to take a look. Cam Newton to the newly acquired Jimmy Graham is something that rolls off the tongue as well. Allen Robinson would welcome the change.

No. 3 Miami Dolphins

According to Adam Beasley on Twitter:

“Fitzpatrick would account for $8 million on Miami’s books if he’s on their roster in 2020 and it sounds as if the team has no interest in parting ways.”

It’s no secret Ryan “Fitzmagic” Fitzpatrick is only a placeholder to whoever is the future of the Miami Dolphins. What if that future was only seven years younger than Ryan? The AFC East is wide open with the departure of Tom Brady. Why not swing for the fence with a signal-caller that will most certainly put more fans in the stands than Josh Rosen or Ryan Fitzpatrick. We know what Cam is capable of, but do we know what these rookies will bring to a team like Miami?

No. 2 Denver Broncos

John Elway has had no luck when it comes to signal-callers. Sure he brought in Peyton Manning and a Super Bowl a few years back, but how has he done in the draft? Names like Paxton LynchTrevor Siemian, Chad Kelly, and Zac Dysert come to mind. Elway even screwed the pooch more by bringing in Joe Flacco, who, tanked and was put on injured reserve in 2019. Noah Fant and Courtland Sutton should be beating down Elway’s door right now, trying to sell the GM on Cam Newton.

No 1. Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger‘s commitment level has wavered for years. Big-time players have left because of his over-authoritative mentality when it comes to how he communicates with teammates. Cam would look odd in black and yellow, but the talent level of the 30-year-old is still there. Combine the former Heisman Trophy winner with the likes of James Connor and Eric Ebron, and you’re looking at a team that is now competitive again with the rest of the rising AFC North.

Cam Newton is not going to be out there long, as a free agent. It would be wise for these owners to see at least what his price is and how he fits with their system.

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