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49ers’ QB answer on another roster?

by Jermaine Lockett
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49ers’ QB answer on another roster?

Niners Nation. I know yall are in peril right now. The guy yall just paid 137.5 Million dollars just went down with an ACL injury on what appeared to be the simplest of plays. Coach is saying “next man up” but is Mr. Beathard the answer? I was entirely off on my post about C.J. Beathard in the past (I even got the guy’s name wrong on my podcast).

Knee in Knee out…

The Iowa product was not a complete disappointment in the 2017 season as he got the team their first win in week 10 after taking over the reigns in week 9. I find it ironic that the one thing that may have caused his exit and Jimmy Garoppolo’s insertion to the offense was a knee injury. Now the tables have turned, and Jimmy G is on the receiving end of the knee injury causing former 3rd round pick to take the stage once again. So the reason I have called you all here today is not to bore you with a wild Superbowl prediction with the change. I am here to talk about a guy that is not on the roster that could help this team win now.

AFC North has plenty

Let’s take a mental flight over to the AFC North where there are a few options at QB on the bench or inactive altogether.
Tyrod Taylor just had the worst game of his career and has been benched for Baker Mayfield. “T-mobile” may never see the light of day or will he? I’m sure Tyrod is comfortable supporting the Cleveland Browns‘ organization currently and to be honest, will be waiting on a slop performance from Baker before he emerges once again as the starter. This theory may not be of popular opinion, but it’s mine so suck it! Yes, I’m a Tyrod fan. Now back to the matter at hand. Cleveland may be crazy about their first overall pick, but I believe they have no intention of sending the former Buffalo Bill elsewhere.

We won’t even take a look at Pittsburgh Steelers’ QB trio due to Josh Dobbs’ value; he’s not even worth the look. Why add more trash to the pile in SF? The Mayor is already allowing citizens to poop in the street. Let’s not make matters worse. Mason Rudolph was drafted this year and is going nowhere because secretly I believe Mike Tomlin and the Rooney Family actually enjoy pissing off Big Ben.

I’m being lazy today and could care less about the Bengals’ QB situation. If there were anything of value there, someone would be talking about it.

Time for a reunion?

The final team I think is worth looking at is the Baltimore Ravens for their solution. NO, H*** NO! I’m not referring to Lamar Jackson. That young man is the Ravens’ future no matter what the rest of Raven Nation happens to think about the young speedster at the moment. The guy I believe who can help the Niners right now is none other than Robert Griffin III. RGIII is not even active on game days and is only an insurance policy at the moment, should Joe Flacco get hurt.

The former first-round pick is wasting a roster spot and looking for the right caller to come help him revive his career. That caller needs to be the San Francisco 49ers. Griffin already has chemistry with Pierre Garcon and is used to playing with burners like Marquise Goodwin. Head coach Kyle Shanahan is already familiar with RGIII’s playing style as he coached him in 2012 when RGIII was rookie of the year.

From what the former Redskin and Brown was able to showcase during the preseason against the 1’s at times was very impressive. One could see the growth of the signal caller from a guy who just scrambled his life away until Haloti Ngata destroyed his career on a scramble that went wrong to an acceptable game manager who makes smart plays.

I’ve been wrong a lot, I mean like a ton, but I truly believe RGIII in Kyle Shanahan’s offense once again would actually be a great fit and would still keep the team alive in the 2018 NFC West.

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