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2018 NFL Draft: Keilan’s Top 5 QB Rankings

by keilan dyer

The NFL Combine is over and done with and free agency is right around the corner, here are my Top 5 players at each position coming in to the draft, starting with the QBs.

1. Baker Mayfield-Oklahoma

Baker Mayfield showed week in and week out that he was an elite talent at quarterback, but people continue to doubt him. He has some height issues but coming in to the combine at 6 foot 1, that erased all of doubts that I had. The Oklahoma QB was the Heisman award winner in 2017 and he has been a consistent top 5 QB in college football for the past few years, since he transferred to Oklahoma from Texas Tech. Throwing 70.5%, 4627 yards, 43 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions upped his impressive redshirt junior campaign, throwing 70.9%, 3965 yards, 40 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. He has dealt with some off-field issues, being the one on the Arkansas campus where a video emerged of him running away from police when they attempted to arrest him on charges of public intoxication. That is over and done now and he has moved on and I believe scouts will as well and look at the pure talent.

2. Lamar Jackson-Louisville

Lamar Jackson may be the most athletic player in the draft in general. He chose not to run the 40 yard dash at the combine but I predict he will run in the 4.4s at the Louisville pro-day. His accuracy could be better but I like his arm strength and him being able to run faster than everyone else on the field could be really good. I compare Lamar to Michael Vick, I have heard Robert Griffin III comparisons but coming out of Baylor, RGIII was not nearly as good as Lamar Jackson is now.

3. Josh Rosen-UCLA

Josh Rosen may be the most polished QB right now, but in my opinion he doesn’t have a very high ceiling. In my opinion the best fit for Rosen right now would be the New York Giants. Being able to sit a year behind Eli Manning would do wonders for him. I wonder if he will be able to carry a team. We saw Lamar Jackson led the Louisville Cardinal to a 7-5 record in a tough ACC Atlantic division and Sam Darnold led his USC Trojans team to an 11-3 record and a Pac-12 Championship both with poor teams last year. Josh Rosen however led his UCLA Bruins to a poor 6-7 record. He has the ability to make throws unlike any other quarterback in this draft however, I don’t think that the Manhattan Beach native will be an elite QB.

4. Sam Darnold-USC

Darnold is a guy that a lot of guys have as QB1, but I’m just not very high on him. He is very poor at decision making. I saw a play against Ohio State where he flat out stared down one of his receivers and that allowed an easy interception. Coming from USC, the QBs usually don’t pan out, with the names of Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley and even Carson Palmer coming out of college wouldn’t be worth a top 5 pick. So to basically sum it up, I think Sam Darnold is overrated and isn’t worth a top pick.

5. Josh Allen-Wyoming

Josh Allen has good mobility, and elite arm strength but his accuracy just isn’t where it needs to be to get ready for the NFL. With only throwing 56% in an easy mountain west conference isn’t acceptable for a first round pick. I still need to review his tape again, but during the tape I did watch I was not impressed. His short and intermediate accuracy is mediocre at best and he often over-estimates the size of the field and he nearly goes out of bounds when attempting to scramble. To sum it up I wouldn’t draft him to lead my franchise unless he shows out on tape next time I watch him

  1. Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State
  2. Luke Falk, Washington State
  3. Kyle Lauletta, Richmond
  4. Mike White, Western Kentucky
  5. Logan Woodside, Toledo

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