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2018 NFL Draft: Eric’s Top 5 TE Rankings

by Eric Kirschenbaum
Standout or Just Another...

For this next installment in the 2018 NFL Draft, we have the tight ends, a solid group that lacks the speed of last year’s group.

1 ) Mike Gesicki, Penn State

Gesicki possesses great size, good speed and is a crafty route runner. On top of that he has great hands, in two years he hasn’t had a meaningful drop.  He needs to be more aggressive when blocking, but he certainly has the size and strength to be able to block well.

2) Mark Andrews, Oklahoma

Andrews has good size with quickness, athleticism, and the potential to be a well-rounded starter for the NFL. He could be a nice contributor as a receiving weapon. Oklahoma often splits Andrews out and has him run routes out of the slot. Andrews uses his quickness, athleticism, and size to magnify his run-after-the-catch ability. He has the skill set to be a receiving threat down the seam and in the red zone, like he has been in college.

3 ) Dallas Goedert, South Dakota State

Goedert dominated FCS competition for the last two years, as expected of a top draft pick who plays with an inferior level of competition. He is a very good pass catcher with amazing one-handed catches in his resume. Goedert is good at getting separation but he also brings value as a blocker. Goedert will have to prove he can uncover and block against bigger, more explosive athletes as a pro. The size, speed, and talent are there for him to be a very effective tight end in the NFL.

4 ) Hayden Hurst, South Carolina

Hurst has a good combination of size and quickness. He has quick release into routes, he is a willing and capable pass catcher on all three levels. He has strong reliable hands and ball focus is elite. Had only one drop against 100 career catches. Capable move blocker able to adjust to targets. He will be 25 years old by the start of the season. Because Hurst played professional baseball in the minor leagues with the Pittsburgh Pirates organization out of high school, his career length is shorter. He will need work as in-line blocker.

5 ) Troy Fumagalli, Wisconsin

Fumagalli’s hands are among the best in the country, despite the fact he is missing the index finger on his left hand because of a birth defect. Working in the Wisconsin run-heavy offense, Fumagalli showed his solid blocking skills, he works hard to sustain and secure his blocks. Although he is not an elite athlete he contributes well in the passing game too and doesn’t mind making catches in traffic.


6) Ian Thomas, Indiana

7 ) Dalton Shultz, Stanford

8) Christopher Herndon, Miami

9) Durham Smythe, Notre Dame

10) Adam Breneman, Massachusetts

Honorable mention: Ryan Izzo, FSU

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